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Batch PNR Data Feed and Passeng 'Air Box

Passeng'Air Box

The PNR Data Feed Batch

The PNR Batch improves your ability to analyze precisely according to the most relevant and recent information.

In implementing the PNR Data Feed at the heart of your IS, you have up-to-date detailed information on the key elements of your business (passenger information, booking class, fares, FQTV, ticket number, travel date, broadcasting network, etc.) A ready-go solution approved by several airlines.

Based on processing and integrating Altéa Reservation’s Xml files, our solution works in Windows, Linus, Myspl, Oracle, Batch mode, as well as in real time.

Why choose Passeng’ Air Box?

Using PNR Data Feed, our Passeng' Air Box solution gives you a set of tools to communicate in real time with your clients (in case of delays or other operating irregularities) to send an occasional or automatic email or text. With Passeng’ Air Box you can also:

  • Create or use existing message templates.

  • Adjust your mailing lists and follow up on the messages you have sent.

  • Screen your clients according to their personal or travel information.


PNR integration

An easily integrated solution into the available PNR datafeed of your IS.

Contact Fiable

Reliable Contact

Warn your passengers with fast and reliable email or text alerts.

données Up-to-date

Passenger support automation

The application can be synchronized with queue management and put the PNR up to date. (Extra)


Recherche passager

Passenger search

Passenger search according to surname, first name, flight, file number, etc.

Envoi de message

Message sending

Email or text message sending in case of delays or other irregularity

Utilisation de template

Use of templatess

Possibility of using email templates for sending personalized messages.

Statuts et historique des envois

Status and history of
sent messages

Search and sent messages history with possibility of updating the statu

Recherche des doublons

Search for duplicate

Search for multiple bookings for a single passenger

Synchro PNR

Search files and Sync PNR

Follow sent messages through queue updating by adding comments to the PNR. (Extra)


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Your passengers can become regular clients



Automate passenger contact from booking to take off.



View all DCS information



Build your custom Data Warehouse



Discover our applications for each of your needs

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