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Batch CMDataFeed, FMDataFeed and Explor 'Air DCS


CMDataFeed and FMDataFeed batches

All DCS (Departure Control System) information is contained in the CMDataFeed and FMDataFeed.

With the CMDataFeed, you will have detailed information on your passengers: situation, agent, luggage, detailed history, situation evolution, luggage tags, extra luggage fees, upgrades, type of check-in.

Whereas the FMDataFeed will give you access to detailed information on the flights: crew list, aircraft, loads, load configuration, take off and landing times, etc. (ticket number, travel date, distribution network, etc.)

Why choose Explor’ Air DCS?

Processing data from the Altea CM flows, Explor' Air DCS is a powerful, complete solution to follow your entire passenger flows, simply. With its whole interface you can visualize easily the key information on the passengers on board just a few hours after take off:

  • Information by stopover (check-in or boarding statistics, etc.)

  • Information by flight (PAX, NOSHOW, GOSHOW, NOREC, PAD, etc.)

  • Information by passenger (Identity, luggage tags and weight, frequent flyer card, e-ticket, etc.)

conservation des données

Secured storing of DCS data

The information of what has been done remains after the data in the OS has expired.

Traitement des données

Summarized view of passenger-flows at the airport

Easily exploitable and exportable data

Fiche passager

Passenger detailed sheet at the airport

Numerous graphics to better visualize your important data



Recherche passager

information search

Search for information about a passenger by last name, first name, PNR, seat, etc.

Envoi de message

Specific activity tracking
by flight

Passenger-traffic tracking by stopover, according to check-in type, etc.

Recherche d'informations bagages

Luggage information search

The user has access to information on groups of luggage, seat and flight.

Suivi des activités commerciales

Commercial activity tracking

Airport activity statistics: excess luggage, upgrades…

Utilisation de template

Passenger traffic analysis

Taking a look at traffic both at check-in and boarding.


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Your passengers can become regular clients



Automate passenger contact from booking to take off.



View all DCS information



Build your custom Data Warehouse



Discover our applications for each of your needs

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